H-Guard coating

Human pathogenic bacteria have evolved an "invisibility cloak" which allows them to go undetected by the human immune system. This "invisibility cloak" is similar to what our own cells use to avoid immune attack.


Invizius has identified and isolated this "invisibility cloak", and can manufacture it using standard protein expression methods.


By attaching the cloak to man-made medical device surfaces in contact with the blood, Invizius has created H-Guard, an advanced hemocompatible coating capable of preventing, at source, the blood's foreign body reactions.


H-Guard is a potent anti-inflammatory and anti-coagulant.

Polysulfone-based hollow fibres are now the gold standard in hemocompatible dialyzer membranes. However, even the highest hemocompatibility now available cannot exclude that extracorporeal blood circulation over dialyzer membranes may produce subclinical thromboinflammatory reactions and thus an increased cardiovascular risk of patients on regular hemodialysis.


The application of H-Guard Priming Solution to the hollow fibres aims to reduce the thromboinflammatory effect of the membrane on the patient's blood, and to reduce unwanted coagulation.