H-Guard® Priming Solution

Before a patient can start an extra-corporeal treatment, like dialysis, cardiopulmonary bypass, ECMO and apheresis, the extra-corporeal circuit must be primed. This involves flushing the circuit with saline, or similar solutions, to remove air and any particulates, and to ensure there are no leaks. H-Guard® Priming Solution is designed to be added to the existing priming fluid and applied during the existing priming procedures. 


H-Guard contains a potent down-regulator of the innate immune (complement) system, based on our PspCN technology, which is coated on all the blood contact surfaces during the priming procedure. This coating is designed to prevent excessive complement activation being induced by the extracorporeal circuit, and thereby prevent patients suffering the serious symptoms and complications that may arise. 


It is known that the immune responses induced by the extracorporeal circuit varies from patient to patient. Recent research supports the hypothesis that patients with excessive complement activation have an elevated risk of cardiovascular events and other serious complications. Invizius is sponsoring a major non-interventional clinical study to stratify patients and identify those that will benefit from intervention with H-Guard. 


The intended benefits of H-Guard for patients on dialysis:

  • Preserving Residual Kidney Function
  • Preventing Acute Kidney Failure becoming Chronic
  • Accelerating recovery from Delayed Graft Function in kidney transplant patients
  • Reducing circuit clotting/failure and enabling heparin-free dialysis
  • Reducing acute patient complications affecting Quality of Life (fatigue, itching, depression)
  • Reducing cardiovascular morbidity & costs

The H-Guard® Priming Solution is under development and not available for clinical use.